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  • Pure, Natural & Organic Product.
  • Adultration Free.
  • Free from sand, dirt and dust.
  • Chemical free.
  • Assurance of authentic quality.
  • From Collected to Processing under own supervision.
  • The Best Product in Terms Of Price.


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MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil is a type of medicinal oil made from coconut. Although this oil is made from coconut, nevertheless coconut oil and MCT oil are two different types of oil. Oil contains different types of fatty acids (triglycerides). They can be classified as short-chain, medium-chain or long-chain fatty acids. Medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is an oil that contains only moderate chain fatty acids (MCFA). All in all, coconut oil is rich in MCT and long chain fatty acids (LCFA). This is the main difference between MCT oil and coconut oil. Generally, MCT oil contains 100% capillary acid (C8) or 100% capric acid (C10). In some cases, a combination of both is available. However, caproacid (C6) MCT oil is not available and ferric acid (C12) is often harmful or only available in small amounts.



  • MCT oil is called “super-powerful fuel” because it is a source of instant energy that can also be used as fuel for the brain.
  • Eating MCT oil before exercise can help you use fat instead of carbohydrates for energy.
  • It helps to increase energy
  • It Helps to control weight loss and maintain proper weight
  • It Helps to control blood sugar levels.
  • It Lowers harmful cholesterol
  • It Helps to increase memory
  • It Helps reduce liver fat.Reduces appetite.
  • It Reduces the risk of heart disease.


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