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Amer Jhura achar (আমের ঝুরা আচার) 200gm

৳ 300.00

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  • Adultration Free.
  • Free from sand, dirt and dust.
  • Chemical free.
  • Assurance of authentic quality.
  • From Collected to Processing under own supervision.
  • The Best Product in Terms Of Price.


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Mangoes are high in protein. Every 100 grams of mango contains 2740 micrograms of carotene. It contains 1.3 grams of iron, 14 mg of calcium, 16 mg of phosphorus, 16 mg of vitamin C, 0.9 mg of revoflavin and 0.08 mg of thiamine. It contains a lot of mineral salts and various vitamins. Every 100 grams of ripe mango contains 0.5 grams of mineral salts. Apart from this, there are vitamin ‘A’, vitamin ‘C’ and vitamin B6 in mangoes. It contains amino acids, potassium and copper. Beta carotene, lucian gelic acid, alpha carotene, polypethanol quercetin kaempferol, caffeic acid etc. in mango are also beneficial for health. It contains some amount of protein and fat. For example, every 100 grams of ripe mango contains 1 gram of protein and 0.7 grams of fat. Mango is a good source of protein.


Ingredients: Mango, Mustard Oil, Five Spices Powder, Chili, Turmeric Powder And Others Ingredients.


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