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Eternity Powder (Chirota Gura) 100 gm

৳ 190.00

Why Panash Food

  • Pure, Natural & Organic Product.
  • Adultration Free.
  • Free from sand, dirt and dust.
  • Chemical free.
  • Assurance of authentic quality.
  • From Collected to Processing under own supervision.
  • The Best Product in Terms Of Price.


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Chirata has been used as an important herb since ancient times. All parts of this plant can be used to cure diseases. However, its roots are the most effective. Chirata is an expert in curing skin diseases and fevers. Chirata is also used to treat serious illnesses such as hepatitis, diabetes, malaria fever and asthma. Considering the various benefits of Chirata powder, Panash Food is providing you the most healthy Chirata powder.

Some benefits of chirata:

  • Chirata does not allow the body to be infected with the virus.
  • Chirata is beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • Chirata works during fever.
  • Chirata helps to retain youth.
  • Chirata eliminates the problem of allergies.
  • Chirata water keeps the liver clean.
  • Chirata keeps the body clean from within.
  • Chirata helps to take care of the skin.
  • Chirata protects against indigestion, acidity.

Panash Food is a brand which provide 100% natural, organic & authentic product The main goal of Panash Food is to satisfy the customers by providing free of adulteration food. To implement this goal we are working as an e-commerce platform where each and every type of safe food will be available In sha’Allah. We are ensuring healthy & happy life by providing wholesome quality food, quick delivery service and excellent shopping experience.

Panash Food is making your cooking easier and even tastier with best blends of spices, food ingredients, snacks and other condiments. It has already made its name among the homemakers of Bangladesh. In this busy, hectic life people now prefer ready made ingredients in cooking and still get the good taste and quality. Panash Food, being the E-Commerce Site in Bangladesh, has always been ensuring the authenticity of the materials of the products. The condiments and cooking ingredients from Panash Food provide the homemakers easy cooking and delicious food all at once.

When it comes to cooking, ingredients are the first priority. Tasty and healthy food can never be made from inferior ingredients. Panash Food collects raw materials from the safest and trusted sources. Thus, is contributes to the purity and authenticity of the final product.

The homemakers always choose the best products for the health of their family. That’s why they choose Panash Food. Panash Food ensures the raw materials in the food items and ensures the authenticity of the brand. Our QC team always checks before delivering. No product can leave the premises if it is expired, opened or not up to the mark.

Panash Food produces distinct flavor combinations of spices and other condiments for making your cooking praiseworthy. Their automation system in manufacturing is another important factor that allows our customers to enjoy the best value with the best price. The price of these products are kept very reasonable for the customers. and serves with the best quality keeping the price very low and reasonable.

Panash Food brings healthy, tasty and easy to make food ingredients and condiments produced from authentic sources and gives you the opportunity to buy them from home at the most reasonable price. Get delivery across the country with the minimum delivery charges and leave all your worries behind. Explore our website for details and updates on each and every products.


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