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Panash Food Cardamom (Elach)- 25gm

৳ 110.00

Why Panash Food

  • Pure, Natural & Organic Product.
  • Adultration Free.
  • Free from sand, dirt and dust.
  • Chemical free.
  • Assurance of authentic quality.
  • From Collected to Processing under own supervision.
  • The Best Product in Terms Of Price.


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Benefits Of Cardamom-

  • Cardamom can also remove harmful toxins from the body.
  • Those who suffer from respiratory problems will benefit from drinking honey, lemon juice and a cardamom in hot water.
  • Cardamom cures asthma and heart disease.
  • It can control blood pressure.
  • Lactose kills bacteria that cause bad breath. Apart from this, it protects against various problems of teeth and gums including gum infection, mouth sores.
  • Cardamom prevents the formation of cancer cells in the body.
  • A small piece of cardamom also prevents the problem of muscle tension. In this case, boiling small or large cardamom in hot water will provide quick relief.
  • Cardamom tea provides instant relief by relieving stress along with headaches. For this, make cardamom tea by boiling tea leaves, cardamom powder and honey in hot water.
  • By eating cardamom regularly, you will get relief from various physical problems.
  • Cardamom removes stomach problems and acidity.
  • Keeps the metabolism active and aids in digestion.
  • To get rid of heartburn, nausea, cardamom is very beneficial.
  • Cardamom is full of antioxidants. Cardamom will also be beneficial for colds and coughs.


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